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Revision tips

There are no real hard fast rules for revision, many different methods work for many different people. The most important thing for any student is to is the following:


Most failures can be attributed to 3 different issues:

  1. Not reading the question
  2. Not revising
  3. Not paying attention in class

1. Not reading the question

Not reading the question, in our experience, is the biggest reason for failing an exam. A lot of students who fail are very much more than capable of passing the exam, but do not actually read what the question is asking. One particular student of mine failed the 2330-301 exam first time round. Astonished, I sat down with him and went through some practice questions. He was fine, in fact, he really was very good. Then I left him with some questions. Most of them he answered wrong. So we went through each attempt, question by question. In the end it turned out simply that he just wasn't reading the questions when left alone, yet in class and working alongside someone he was excellent. A little bit more practice in reading the questions, we re-entered him for the exam and he got a Distinction. This time, he took his time, this time, he read the questions.

Take a look at this question, take no more than 5 seconds after reading it to give an answer:

A long haul plane develops engine trouble while passing over the Atlantic Ocean. As each engine goes, it finally crashes on the border between America and Canada. Given that both countries are very patriotic, where would you bury the survivors?

Ok, finished? Type your answer here:

Click to reveal the answer.


Did you get it right?

Of course, the answer is simple. In fact, it's very simple if you took time to read the question. Young males in particular tend to skim read rather than fully read the question. Those writers of exams in the City and Guilds offices write the questions so that the skim readers get the wrong answers, they purposely load the questions so that many of the answers are similar. This means that skim readers lose the opportunity to get the question right.

2. Not revising

There is really not much we can do about this one. Your future is in your hands and if you want to pass, you need to do the following:

  1. Two weeks before the exam, plan five sessions, 2 hours a night.
  2. Stop playing the Xbox, PC, PS3, WII whatever. Stop now, unplug it.
  3. Switch off Messenger, Facebook, Bebo, Myspace. All of them in fact. Do it now.
  4. Get your notes out or use for resource material and start to revise.
  5. Work through your material making notes that you can understand.
  6. Practice the exam using our software, identify strengths and weaknesses and plot your next revision session based on the results. Weak on science? Spend the next revision session on science then practice on the exam again at the end.
  7. Go to bed early.

It is true that there are some students who will not revise and manage to pass. If you are one, then why not work up to a distinction? You are more than likely capable. If you are not, then you definitely need to plan, revise and use the mock exam software to identify weak areas.

3. Not paying attention in class

Then you are probably sunk. You need to follow the revision timetable above but double the amount of sessions to stand a chance of passing. Regardless of popular belief, learning really is a two way thing.

More revision materials

Ever expanding revision material can be found on it is all free to use and also free from copyright for commercial gain. There are many presentations, questions, handouts and animations that will aid you when revising for the exams. Please feel free to use them.


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